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SAADPLAST was founded in 1982 in the city of Aleppo. We are specialized in manufacturing plastic containers up to 750 ml capacity. We were between the first who manufactured Baby Feeding Bottles in Syria. Since then, SAADPLAST has been evolved and expanded considerably, thanks to frequently carried out R&D studies, and paying highest care and attention on fulfilling customers’ requirements.

Our main products are plastic containers which can be used as packaging solutions for different consumer industries, like medical, cosmetics, and personal care. Examples of them are, Eye Droppers, Cosmetics jars, shampoo bottles, & Containers of medical pills and liquids.

We are thrived to continue our successful journey and to keep on introducing new and high-quality products. We are also pleased to mention that after 40 years of valuable experience, SAADPLAST brand continues to rise rapidly without compromising on quality and trust.

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Ali Bakri Shwehneh

General Manager

+963944466923 +963996985205

Ali Saeed Shwehneh

Sales Manager

+963944245887 +963991611777

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